Dust free sanding for the Wood Industry

Mirka Dust Free Sanding for Wood Industry

Wood and Construction Industry

Woodworking produces a lot of dust that can contain hazardous particles.The latest research shows that sanding harder wood is more dangerous than sanding softer wood. When sanding furniture, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, windows and doors, it is important to have good dust extraction, both for health reasons as well as for the final result. Naturally, the best alternative is to change and begin using the Abranet® system, which is virtually dust free. Abranet® reduces the dust load from dangerous particles on lungs, as well as provides many other time and money savings.

A dust-free work environment ensures control of the sanding work. When sanding, other work phases can be made simultaneously in the same room. And of course there will be less tidying up afterwards!

Abranet® is known for its long lifespan – which means that the abrasive doesn’t have to be changed as often as before. Another advantage is that Abranet® maintains its aggressive properties much longer than traditional sanding materials.


Construction / Decorating
Sanding of walls and ceilings Abranet® P 120–P 180
Universal wood sanding
Rough sanding Abranet® P 80–P 120
Surface sanding Abranet® P 120–P 180
Intermediate sanding Abranet® P 240–P 1000

Abranet® available in strips and discs

Abranet® The Solution to Dust Free Sanding

Main Features of Abranet®

Reticulated polyamide disc/strip
coated with abrasive grain
Durable - can out last a conventional paper
disc up to 5 times
Finer more consistent surface scratch pattern
Dust free - excellent dust extraction
Thousands of tiny holesCleaner working environment
Greatly reduces clean up time
  USP - When quoting jobs quote "Dust Free Sanding"
Less complaints - Increased Customer Satisfaction

Video Demonstration for Abranet ® Dust Free Sanding

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Why put your health at risk?
Abranet® – for health reasons
Thanks to Abranet®, dust-free sanding is possible!