Mirka Dust Free Sanding for Solid Surface Market

CEROS / DEROS System with Abranet ®

Abranet® The Solution to Dust Free Sanding

Main Features of Abranet®

Reticulated polyamide disc/strip
coated with abrasive grain
Durable - can out last a conventional paper
disc up to 5 times
Finer more consistent surface scratch pattern
Dust free - excellent dust extraction
Thousands of tiny holesCleaner working environment
Greatly reduces clean up time
  USP - When quoting jobs quote "Dust Free Sanding"
Less complaints - Increased Customer Satisfaction

Video Demonstration for Abranet ® Dust Free Sanding

Sanding Solid Surface Dust Free

Choose the CEROS or DEROS System to suit you

Why put your health at risk?
Abranet® – for health reasons
Thanks to Abranet®, dust-free sanding is possible!